Monday, 29 August 2011

Snapshots from the Weekend

Hi everyone, happy Monday! This weekend I've been.....

1.) Visiting my favourite shop, Zara. I couldn't leave this gorgeous metallic lace top behind. It's the perfect nod to this season's high shine trend yet also a classic piece that I can pull out year after year. I also picked up this cute boxy clutch in Penneys-a neutral bag always comes in useful for nights out!

2.) Re-organising my dressing table. It's now clutter free and home to just the essentials. I need to make a note to fill this photo frame though!

3.) Reading the September issue of Harper's Bazaar UK. I loved this jewellery editorial-and the model's hair!

4.) Wearing my new navy blazer that I bought in Penneys a few weeks ago. At €23, this was a great find. It fits perfectly and is nicely structured-great over jeans or dresses.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend




  1. that zara top is amazing! love!!! happy monday! ;)

  2. La parte superior es divina, me pasare por zara.

  3. I have never seen a metallic lace top, but this looks so great! Zara is genius!

  4. Hey doll :) Thanks for your comment! :) Do you have a twitter?
    Love reading your posts, I looooove Zara! I also love how your Chanel bag on your dressing table is considered to be an essential! I hang one of mine on my bedroom door :P What are we like! I cant get rid of it!
    Also that blazer is gorgeous, it looks so expensive :)

    Hope youre well! :) x

  5. That shirt is just too perfect for words! want it!

    thanks so much for stopping by my site! :)

  6. lovely post laura

  7. Love that Zara top Laura.. my bestie has one very similar to yours..
    Lee x