Saturday, 22 September 2012

Coat Time!

Happy Saturday everyone! After a very busy week, I'm so excited for a quiet weekend! As today is officially the first day of autumn, and the temperatures outside have definitely dropped, now is the perfect time invest in a new winter coat. Catherine from has all the coat shopping tips you need... 


It’s always a challenge to pick the right coat. There’s so many to choose from and they’re all so different, so here are some things to consider that may hopefully steer you in the right direction:

Good Quality Material
You want to ensure that the material your coat is made from is of a good quality so that it isn’t likely to rip or tear. You ideally want something quite thick but lightweight to ensure that you don’t have to keep replacing your coat as this can be costly and expensive. In addition, it is probably best to choose a coat made from waterproof material, just in case you are caught in a shower.

Before buying your coat you may want to weigh up whether you would like it to have pockets or not. Some people find having deep pockets with fastenings particularly useful, while others don't think that it’s necessary. As these are not something that you can add on to a coat after purchase, you may want to think about this before you buy.

You may want to think about the way that you would like your coat to fasten, if at all. Some womens coats have a single button, meaning that these do not keep you as warm as a coat with a zip would do. In addition, it also means that your outfit underneath can be seen so you would have to ensure that your outfit and coat matched. A zip on the other hand, would keep you warm and is also a secure fastening.

Hood/No Hood
You need to assess whether you would like your coat to have a hood or not as this cannot be changed once you have purchased your coat. Having a hood can be useful when it rains but if you are not someone who uses a hood frequently then you may prefer to choose a coat with a collar instead.

You need to think about what exactly you will be wearing your coat for in order to be able to decide what style of coat you want. If you just want something for everyday jobs, something such as a duffle coat or windcheater may be a good choice but if you would prefer something more classy and sophisticated, a trench coat may be a good coat for you.

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  1. Great post Laura! - I'm terrible with coats and always buy at least 3 each season, makes it very difficult to find storage for them over the summer months LOL! :-)

    Vanessa x

  2. Great suggestions! I love nude for a coat, goes with everything.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  3. Great tips! Thinking of adding a mixed media style coat to my collection this fall!

  4. I love trenches.... They always make you look great!

  5. the trenchcoats are so in this season too!

  6. Great tips on finding the perfect coat. We are lucky here in Texas and can usually pick something for style instead of warmth since it doesn't get to cold here! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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