Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Jump on board!

If I had to choose a favourite piece of clothing right now, the jumpsuit would be my number one.
Dressed up or down, they are instantly chic and flattering to lots of different shapes and sizes. My main reason for loving them though, is that they are so comfortable to wear!

Heidi Klum has been a source of inspiration lately and I love how she has styled these two looks!

I've included two of my favourites from Warehouse above. A strappy cami style that would be gorgeous with heels and a bit of bling for evening time. And a casual bandeau that is ideal for travelling or relaxed summer days. Just add a slouchy bag, a fedora and some cute sandals and you're good to go!

Are you a jumpsuit fan?



  1. I love jumpsuits too Laura, not sure if you saw my black jumpsuit outfit post, think you'd love it if you love these!
    Hugs xoxo

  2. I love the look and style of jumpsuits, but haven't managed to find one that perfectly fits yet! the balck stappy one is so cute though x

  3. Ok definitely a fab look but I'm so dang short I can't pull it off (I don't think) haha Love it though!

    1. Some ranges carry petite styles which would be fab on you!

  4. So cute! I feel like you have to be really skinny for this or have more of a straight shape! It wasn't until I lost weight and had more of a straight figure that these looked decent on me!

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  5. Doesn't Heidi look completely fab? x

    1. Obsessed with these looks, she is amazing! X